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Among the many rivers and rivers of the country the Naryn river is the main place. The length of the river is 535 km, and the width in some places exceeds 40 meters. The river comes from the confluence of two rivers: Small and Big Naryn. It carries its waters through several areas: Issyk-Kul, Naryn and Jalalabad. Also on the river there are such cities as Naryn, Tash-Kumyr and Uchkurchak. Naryn feeds mainly on glacial water. To a much lesser extent, the river's reservoir feeds underground water and rain. The reservoir plays a huge role in the life of the country, its waters are actively used in the field irrigation system. Several hydroelectric power stations have been constructed on the Naryn River, which provide electricity for most of the republic. These are the Toktogul, Tash-Kumyr and Kurpsai HPPs. The Naryn River is very winding, flowing through several areas, it often changes its coastal landscapes. It flows through mountains, gorges and valleys. The river bed is full of rapids, in some places stone boulders are found. Despite the unique beauty of the Naryn River on its entire territory, the reserve, located in the headwaters of the river, deserves special attention. Naryn Reserve stretches for 9 thousand hectares. In addition to having unique flora and fauna, the reserve will be very attractive for rafting enthusiasts. It is here that the most convenient and interesting places for alloys are located. But, even if you are not a fan of extreme sports, being in Kyrgyzstan you should not neglect the opportunity to see this stormy mighty river. Local poets have long praised Naryn in their songs and poems, because this is a real element, powerful and unrestrained, and, nevertheless, giving life and fertility to local lands.