The Mels-Ashu pass

Ak-Talaa District

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The Mels-Ashu pass is located in Naryn region. Near village Baetovo village. The height of the pass reaches 3420 meters. The name of the pass was in honor of K. Marx, F. Engels, V. Lenin and I. Stalin. The acronym MELS   was formed from the first letters of their names. In the first decades of Soviet power, it was very popular to create the male and female names using such way, so Mels-Ashu, is not only a pass, but also a popular male name.

The assault of the Mels-Ashu pass is included in tour itineraries because the panorama that opens from the top is also as beautiful as the view from the famous the pass Moldo-Ashuu pass The landscape on the way to the pass is very diverse. The hills alternate with canyons of red clay, and from the height of bird flight you can see the entire valley.