Tailak’s Gumbez

Ak-Talaa District

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Tailak baatyr is a Kyrgyz national hero who lived in the times of the Kokand Khaganate. In 2016 the baatyr celebrated his 220th birthday. Tailak baatyr became famous because he managed to protect the Kyrgyz lands from the Chinese invasion, and successfully resisted the Kokand Khaganate. In those days, China ruled the Qin Empire, which has a powerful military power. The heroic deeds of the hero are dedicated to a small epic. Mausoleum of Tailak baatyr is located in the Ak-Talaa valley, near the village of Ak-Talaa. The tomb is divided into two parts, one of which belongs to Tailak baatyr, and the second to his faithful ally and brother Atanai. The architectural complex is decorated with spherical domes and ornamental patterns. From the base of the pedestal, there are four columns, behind which are five niches. Light enters the room through 4 windows. The mausoleum is made of burnt bricks and plastered. The tomb was restored in 2002. Near the mausoleum there are 7 small gumbez’s. The burial place of Tailak baatyr and Atanay-biy is considered a shrine and is very revered by the Kyrgyz people.