Walnut forests of Arslanbob

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The unique walnut forests of Arslanbob (the king of the forest) are considered one of the oldest and largest walnut massifs on the planet. Their area is 608 thousand hectares. Some trees, growing 1,000 years old, reach 30 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. Walnuts are rich in valuable nutrients, and their wood is used in furniture production.

The magnificent walnut massif is located 50 km from the city of Jalal-Abad, in the intermountain of the western and southern slopes of the Fergana and Chatkal ranges of the central Tien Shan at an altitude of 1000-1800 meters above sea level.

Scientists have found out that the historical homeland of the walnut is Malaysia. Probably, they were brought to Kyrgyzstan during the heyday of the Great Silk Road. According to legend, the path of Alexander the Great during his military campaign to the East in 329 BC. Passed through the Fergana Valley. Seeing this amazing land, he was shocked by his beauty and leaving him took with him to Greece nuts from the local forests. So the Kyrgyz nuts came to Greece, where they became known as "walnuts".

Every year the Arslanbob Valley, which is a national nature reserve, yields up to 1.5 tons of nuts, and up to 5,000 tons of apples, pistachios and cherry plums. In the reserve also grow almonds, pears, cherries, currants and raspberries. Local residents gratefully accept these gifts of nature and make efforts to preserve them.

In the Arslanbob Valley, in addition to forests, there are many natural attractions, including Babash-Ata, Sacred Lake (Köl-Mazar), Bolshaya (80 m) and Malyi (35 m.) Waterfalls and fabulous caves. In 1936 in the nut forests of Arslanbob the North American raccoon-poloscun was acclimatized, which willingly populates the hollows of the walnut.