Chingiz Aitmatov memorial house

Kara-Buura District

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If the route of your trip passes through the Talas valley, we highly recommend you to visit the Chingiz Aitmatov memorial house the greatest writer whose works: "Jamilya", "My top-top in a red kerchief", "The first teacher", "Mother's field", "Farewell Gyulsary "," The White Steamer "," The Piebald Dog Running the Edge of the Sea, "" And the Day Lasts for More than a Century, "" The Plough, "etc., glorified him throughout the world.

Ch. Aitmatov memorial house is located in the Sheker village, Talas region. The museum is located in the old house where the writer's childhood and youth passed. There has started his career path. Here his first sketches and early works were born. At the same time, many villagers became the heroes of his works.

The Chingiz Aitmatov museum of life and creativity was opened in 1978, on his fiftieth anniversary. Finally, this place became the local landmark. Today you can find there more than 1 thousand exhibits, the originals of some manuscripts and articles, favorite books of the writer, clothes, furniture and utensils belonging to the family of the writer, as well as many photographs of the writer and his family.