Rafting Club "Daina"

Requirements for age:
 from 10 to 65
Number of participants:
 from 1 to 10
 from 1000 som to 2300 som
 Bishkek, Toktogula 77

An opportunity of rafting is provided by the rafting club "Daina".

Rafting, mainly, takes place on the river of Chon-Kemin - an hour and a half drive from Bishkek.

During rafting there is an instructor who directs the boat and makes sure that it does not roll over.

For those who wish, the club offers three types of tour, differing in complexity:

1. "Introductory rafting tour". The time of the alloy is about 40 minutes. This type of alloy is suitable for those who make an alloy for the first time. The service is available for all ages, as well as for children under 10 years accompanied by parents.

2. "Popular rafting tour". The time of the alloy is about 2.5 hours.

The time of the "popular rafting tour" can vary from "the speed of the current and the physical preparation of the group." The length of the tour is 25 kilometers.

The starting point is the Shabdan Batyr bridge. The rafting takes place along the Chon-Kemin River, continues in the Chu River, and ends in a tent camp near the village of Cholok. The route, according to the international classification of complexity is estimated at 2-3 points out of 6.

3. "Complicated program of rafting". The complexity of this route, 4-5 points out of 6. The length of the site is 25 kilometers. Duration - 2 hours.


Take with: Bathing accessories (swimming shorts, swimsuits - worn under a wet suit), towels, change clothes, dry rations.