2 days of Trekking in Ala–Archa National Park

Go for an accessible 2-day trek to Ak-Sai Glacier in Ala-Archa National Park !

Want to face the high mountains and the altitude and enjoy a night completely cut off from the world? This trek is made for you. Accessible to everyone, this beautiful hike is through the National Park Ala - Archa, one of the most famous in the country, just 40 minutes from downtown Bishkek. First day, we will start the walk in a forest of coniferous to, continue to a beautiful waterfall and finish it at the foot of the magnificent glacier of Ak-Sai, to spend the night in a refuge of altutude at 3300 meters, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. After a good meal, and a quiet night, we will leave quietly and enjoy the magnificent panorama. 

Tour characteristics

April - October
2 days
13 km
1100 m  1100 m
90 km, 2 h
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You are going to love it

  • a short trek 1 hour from Bishkek: ideal for a start or end of stay in Kyrgyzstan
  • Spend a night in a refuge at 3300 meters altitude, surrounded by snow-capped mountains
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1 Day. Ascent to Razek camp (3300m) and discovery of Ak-Sai Glacier

Departure around 9am from Bishkek. Our guide takes you to the Ala Archa hotel, a magnificent building built during the Soviet Union at 2200 meters above sea level. You then go up the valley to the waterfall where you have lunch. You then begin the climb towards Razek Camp where you will spend the night. When you reach the top, you go to the refuge. While your guide prepares the evening meal, you go to the foot of the glacier to enjoy the beautiful light of the setting sun. After a good meal you will enjoy a glass of Kyrgyz Cognac under the starry sky.


Economy: Guest house
Standard: Guest house
VIP: Guest house


6,2 km
5 - 7 h
1100 m  0 m
45 km, 1 h

2 Day. Discovery of the mountain flora and fauna and return to Bishkek

After a hearty breakfast, you begin to descend to the valley. On the way, your guide will introduce you to the flowers and animals that inhabit these mountains. You will see mountain goats, marmots and, with luck, the legendary snow leopard. In the early afternoon, your guide will drive you back to Bishkek where you can enjoy a well deserved rest.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


6,5 km
4 - 5 h
0 m  1100 m
45 km, 1 h

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