Ethno-cultural Tours by 4x4 SUV

4x4 Travel is the most efficient way truly experience the spirit of Kyrgyzstan, allowing you to pack as much in as possible and see all of the off-road wonders the country has to offer.  

Together we will conquer the celestial mountains of the Tien Shan, enjoying the steep rocky passes and gorges and easily overcoming the most difficult parts of the roads (or lack thereof), enabling you to enjoy the magnificent views of the high-mountain lakes, flowering valleys and lush pastures filled with the traditions of our nomadic Kyrgyz ancestors.

All of our 4x4 tours are conducted by experienced guides and drivers and allow you to truly experience the landscape, featuring activities such as equestrian and hiking tours, rafting along the mountain rivers, and amazing immersion in the rich culture and lifestyle of our nomadic civilization. Exciting horse games, spectacular eagle and greyhound hunting demonstrations, cultural experiences in our nomadic traditions, master classes on setting up yurts, felting wool and making souvenirs, and taste-tasting incredibly tasty national dishes and drinks all await.

We guarantee that you will be so inspired by the incredible hospitality of the Kyrgyz people and the beautiful landscape that you may never want to leave!

Tours to Kyrgyzstan

Off-Road Nomad Experience
Off-road tour in Kyrgyzstan to get a taste of the colorful traditions of nomads, the Silk road, and golden eagle hunting.

7 days
June - September
30 km
1000 m  1000 m
1180 km, 28 h
from $560 / per.
Off-road Issyk-Kul
Off-road trip around the magnificent Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul Lake, walking through the most picturesque corners of the region, and learning yurt building and golden eagle hunting.

7 days
July - September
3 km
915 km, 17 h
from $650 / per.
Heartland of the Ancient Nomads
Feel the real spirit of the nomads on this exciting road trip through the heart of Kyrgyzstan.

8 days
June - September
18,5 km
10710 m  9170 m
2055 km, 27,5 h
from $860 / per.
Explore Central Asia: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
13 days of travel for a complete discovery of the landscapes and the culture of Central Asia!

13 days
May - February
2165 km
from $900 / per.