National dish Besh-Barmak

Since the ancient times, beshbarmak has been prepared during big Tois (means big party) and served for honorable and respected guests.
Beshbarmak – a meat dish which is prepared with boiled meat of horse meat, mutton, beef or Yak. In the old times the dish prepared from the meat of a mountain goat or venison, bagged by hunters.
The technology of preparation of beshbarmak, is not as simple as it seems at first glance because it requires some skills and experience. beshbarmak will be prepared  successfully when the boiled meat is finely chopped with knives, mixed with boiled noodles, and spiced with onion sauce. Special, unique flavor to the dish gives the sauce (chyk), which is a finely chopped onion, cooked in broth. It makes chyk beshbarmak incredibly delicious dish, without it, all works are vain.
In Kyrgyzstan, in different regions the name of beshbarmak dish is different, because of the way of preparation. So in Talas it is called gulchatay, in Naryn called Naryn.
Initially this traditional dish is accompanied by a piece of meat (ustukan) given for  the guests of honor. For example, the most honored guest is served a sheep's head – bash or back – Jambash. The rest of the guests, also depending on the age and social status get their ustukan (piece of meat).
For  cooking and serving this dish, the owners of the house  have responsible approach, because incorrectly served ustukan (piece of meat), can offend and even insult the guest of honor and cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the house owners.