Chaban (shepherd)

Traditions and customs

Chaban is a person who tends herds, feeds, or guards’ herds of sheep Central Asia, Turkey, Caucasus, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.Kyrgyzstan is a country of nomads; therefore, cattle ranching is well developed there. From early spring to late autumn, shepherds tend the flock in the highland pastures in search of water and grass. Nobody knows the terrain and mountain trails of the Tien Shan mountains better than the local shepherds, which also are excellent hunters, often because they get themselves in the mountains food.

Given the harsh climatic conditions of mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan and the specifics of the grazing sheep, shepherds graze sheep on horseback, accompanied by guard dogs.

Traveling through the Tian Shan mountains, you will definitely meet the shepherds’ place of living; they will meet you with hospitable reception in their yurts and serve refreshing national drinks.