Berkutchi (birdman)

Traditions and customs

Berkutchi is considered to be a guardian of ancient tradition related to hunting nomads. The skills of berkutchi is multifaceted art, so their secrets are passed from generation to generation.

Kyrgyz and Kazakh hunters call the eagle the bird of God. According to them, each bird has a special characte,but the most difficult charecter among the birds have the eagles because they are very arrogant and proud.

To tame and train this bird you need to have good patience and endurance, despite the fact that the eagle steals the other birds from the nest. All the efforts will be justified . Steppe eagle (eagle)- the most powerful, bold and intelligent bird, which is able to catch any fowl, including foxes, wolves and even deer. The connection between hunter and eagle lasts a lifetime. Later on Berkutchi lets the eagle go in gratitude for a good service. The connection between hunter and eagle lasts a lifetime.