News from the Tourism Exhibitions in 2018

Published: April 21, 2018 at 8:53 | Author: Baibol Travel

Baibol Travel visited during March and April at several tourism fairs in Europe and Central Asia.

On this occasion, we could meet our European partners and deepen our relations but also meet new people and share with them our vision for tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

ITB Berlin 2018 :

Our first visit to the biggest tourism fair in the world! A very good experience and many beautiful meetings and partnerships to come with our German friends.

ITB berlin Tourism Exhibition


World Tourism Fair in Paris:

Return to Paris for a few days for the World Tourism Fair from 14 to 17 March. We were able to meet our French partners and develop with them new tour projects in the Talas region. We took the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital of France!

Mondial du tourisme à Paris

Russian Friends in Paris

KITF 2018 in Almaty

Finally, we visited KITF 2018 in Almaty to meet with our Central Asian partners to strengthen our partnerships and create new towers between Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries. For example, we have created a new tower between the Talas region and the Chimkent region in Kazakhstan.

KITF 2018 Almaty

We hope that our efforts and those of our competitors will have made our country better known and will make travelers and tourism professionals want to give us the chance to introduce them to Kyrgyzstan in the manner of Baibol, by taking the time to appreciate our landscapes but also our culture and our nomadic spirit.

And of course, thank you to all the people we met who gave us some of their time to share with us !