They talk about us : 2017 - 2018

Published: February 23, 2018 at 0:00 | Author: Baibol Travel


If our country is still relatively unknown internationally, some newspapers start to talk about us. Press review:


Nomad landscapes, sweet eyes and proud looks that you have met for a while and that you will have forever sewed on, like the most precious memory.

National geographic


"One of the three best destinations to avoid tourists (...) with its splendid mountainous landscapes, Kyrgyzstan offers a total change of scenery! "


it was one of the finest travel experiences that I have had. We ventured through unnamed roads and unfamiliar topography, only to recognise just how much adventure lies beyond the well-trodden spots of the globe. And that made all the difference.

The Hindu

"For a trip of a lifetime, what if we dared to fly to Kyrgyzstan? To discover for its steppes and mountains (...) A unique country to travel on horseback. Ideal for anyone who fled the tourist masses and looking for a relationship close to nature"

Grazia : “Valentine's Day: 7 romantic destinations to wish”.

Stargazing, horse riding and nights in a yurt, Kyrgyzstan is ideal for toddlers and their parents looking for a change of scenery "
"Kyrgyzstan allows a controlled adventure, adapted to the smallest, and at a reasonable price during the summer period"
"Between two walks, you will have plenty of time to play cards, to read books, to take the time, in absolute calm, isolated from the world. A luxury that is priceless "The world:" You have children, opt for Kyrgyzstan "

Le Monde 


The British Backpacker Society announced the results, ranking the world’s top 20 adventure travel destinations for 2018, which includes Russia, India, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and China

British Backpackers Society

"The central Asian country is gaining attention for its spectacular mountainscapes, horseback riding in the scenic valleys, and welcoming people. Travelers can immerse themselves into the local culture by spending a night in a traditional yurt, and getting to know the families of the nomadic Kyrgyz."

Why go? If you like the open spaces, the impression that a trip is at first a pretty ride to the unknown, then this journey is what you need Between grassy plains, crystalline lake, peaks snow-covered, one feels very quickly like Cendrars or Kessel, a literary vagabond.In Kazakhstan as in neighboring Kyrgyzstan, the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful and the national parks offer the opportunity for exceptional hikes. "

Geo Magazine