Guest-house “CBT 12”

Room characteristics


Friendly and comfortable “CBT 12” guest- house is located in Djalal-Abad province, in Bazarkorgon district. This guest house - is the unique place which is surprisingly combining hospitality with good service. The property has living room, shared kitchen, terrace and summer arbor from where you can enjoy fantastic landscape of Arslanbob forests. The uniqueness of these places is Arslanbob walnut-fruit forests. The forest is located at an altitude of 1200-2000 meters and covers an area of 700 thousand hectares. This is the largest walnut arrays on the planet. Unique in all the world relic walnut forests are not the only charm of Arslanbob. The mountain rivers promptly carry their white foam waters in rocky gorges at height of 2200 m above the sea level. Sometimes they are broken far downwards, creating thus fantastic waterfalls. Here you will be welcomed, with delicious national dishes and hot tea with sweets.


Bazar-Korgon District, 12, Vodopadnaya CBT st.
996(779)014219, 996(779)064219