Base Camp of the "Mountain of Asia"

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Asia Mountains” base camp – is located at an altitude of 3600 m, on a picturesque glade covered with edelweiss. The camp is surrounded by small lakes. It’s a cosy, nice place for rest and recreation. Lenin Peak (7134 m) is located in a central part of Zaalay ridge, which forms a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In the west the summit is connected with Dzerjinski peak (6713 m), in the east over the Krylenko pass (5820 m) - with a crest of Edinstvo peak (6673 m). In the south, in a spur of Lenin Peak massif, a peak of 6852 m is located. It was named for Marshal Zhukov in 1974. From the north slopes of the Lenin Peak massif a glacier of the same name flows down. With western and eastern sources it is 9 kilometers long. From the south slopes of the summit glaciers Bolshoy (in the east) and Maluy (in the west) wind their way down. The summit itself rises over the glacier’s source for more than 3000 m, and both the northern and southern slopes of the summit are covered in thick glacial ice and snow. Here steepness can reach angles of up to 45-55 degrees, and the slopes are cut with deep cracks. Climbers should also be aware that slides and avalanches are common here. The massif of Peak Lenin is visible from different points of the Alay ridge and the eastern Pamirs. From the south (from the shore of Karakul lake) it looks like a sloping summit. From the point of approach Lenin Peak is one of the world’s most accessible peaks above seven-thousand meters. Paved roads come up to the mountain’s foothills and reach “Edelweiss glade” – the location of a base camp (3600 m). In geographic terms this area is known as Achik-Tash (open stone). Afterwards the path continues along the “Onion field” to the Puteshestvennik pass where it then it dips and leads to Lenin glacier, the central part of which our upper base camp is located at an altitude of 4200 m


Chong-Alay District, Achik-Tash area
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