Yurt Camp “Tursun - Eje”

Room characteristics


“Tursun - Eje” Yurt Camp - is located in Kapchygai Gorge, Eki –Naryn village, Naryn region. Our Yurt Camp is the ideal place where you can enjoy the mountain scenery of the Naryn and feel like a nomad. Our Yurt Camp consists of 6 yurts, which are executed with use of natural materials and decorated with traditional felted and wattled ornaments and carpets. “Tursun-Eje” Yurt Camp offers the following services and entertainments for you: felt art master class, folklore show, horse-back riding, fishing, hiking, national games, cooking of national dishes and many other things; The uniqueness of our Yurt camp is that, here you can take an active mountain vacation, to undergo kymyz treatment and get some fresh air to gain strength for new exploits. Here you will feel like a real nomad with maximum comfort.


Naryn District, Eki – Naryn village
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