Hotel “Roza Park”

Room characteristics


“Roza Park” Hotel is located at 183 Baltagula Street, Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan near the Jalalabad Maternity Hospital and Professional Lyceum of Jalalabad State University, at the cross roads of Baltagula Street and Osmonova Street. The hotel has been open for over a year, we offer a higher standard that you might find in a larger city. We offer 11 rooms and 24 hours service. The hotel is fully air conditioned for your comfort. We also have satellite TV, and Wi-Fi. Our administration and staff are ready to serve you in a superior fashion and make your stay here most enjoyable and trouble free.


Jalal Abad, 183, Baltagulova st.
996(554)909907, 996(3722)73090