Guest-house "Nomad`s Home"

Room characteristics


Welcome to Bishkek`s new guest-house! Nomad`s Home is located at Drevesnaya 10, just around the corner of the Eastern Bus Station, in the center of Bishkek city. Nomad`s Home was started in 2007 and is run by Raisa & Gulnara, two young Kyrgyz women. You can stay in our good and comfortable home, in yurt or in a nomad`s tent or in your own tent in our garden. We have internet and cable TV; our staff can help you with visa and a lot of other tourist information. We have more than30 beds in total. Nomad`s Home works in the wintertime, too. We are happy to accommodate you in our guest house.


Bishkek, 10, Drevesnaya st.