Hotel “Light house”

Room characteristics


“Light house” Hotel - is a modern, three-stored building, located in Cholpon-Ata town, in Issyk-Kul province. We are glad to offer our guests 12 light and commodious rooms, each room is equipped with: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, internet access. Hotel disposes numerous conveniences such as: terrace, garden, café. For convenience of our guests we are pleased to offer the following services: excursions, horseback riding, hiking, the evening program. Important competitive advantage of our hotel is the close location to the Historical Museum of petroglyphs, central market of Cholpon-Ata town and to the old airport. Only from the balcony or windows of our hotel, you can see all the beauty of the Kungey Ala-Too mountain range.


Issyk Kul District, 7, Kalys st. (close to the central market in Cholpon- Ata) st.
+996(557)905257, +996(707)905257, +996(555)358106, +996(705)358106