Hostel "Green"

Room characteristics


Green Hostel is located in a quiet area in the city center, allowing you to make day and night trips to Bishkek without going far from our mini-hotel. Excellent access to the commercial and cultural areas of the city: As we are practically in the street Abdrakhmanov (former Sovetskaya), you can reach any point of the city of Bishkek, Vefa shopping center is a 5-minute walk away. Going down a little to the north of the Soviet street, you get to the city center where all the theaters, museums, shopping malls, etc. They are. And if you go to the south Sovetskaya Street get the silent park South Gate, with an amazing breeze away from the bustle and noise of the city. Our mini-hotel satisfies both the youth and the older generation. For young people close access to all the most fashionable cafes and discos, and elderly people have a warm welcome and a homely atmosphere are waiting in our hostel. Around the hostel there are many shops where you can buy not only products, but also souvenirs for your friends. Costumes nice combined with new furniture and a cozy living room to watch TV, movies, communicate with relatives on the Internet or read.Our hostel is in the center of Bishkek, pleasant atmosphere envelops all the costumes, and friendly people are not only our employees. We have a lot of friends from different countries and cities within the country, we warmly remember their kindness in all our travels! Therefore, our hotel is the first priority is the hospitality! Life is all about experiences, and we are happy to work for your good memories for us, for you and Kyrgyzstan! If you for some reason stopped in Bishkek, Green Hostel ideal, which, despite its small size, provides a level of comfort and service at a price lower than any other hotels.


Bishkek, Scriabin st. / Topographic lane, 9