Sanatorium "Cholon-ata"

Room characteristics


Sanatorium "Cholpon-Ata" (state residence №2) - is located on the northern coast of Issyk -Kul Lake, in Cholpon-Ata town, in 245 km from the Bishkek city. The sanatorium works all the year round and can accommodate at the same time 125 people. The sanatorium is the second state residence of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Sanatorium "Cholpon - Ata" is used for family recreation and treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular systems, the musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, as well as in the treatment of skin, urological and gynecological diseases, etc. Various medical services and medical procedures are rendered in sanatorium, namely: medical bathtubs (mineral, coniferous), showers (circular, underwater, Scottish, Sharko), electrophoresis, UHF-therapy, darsonvalization and many other things. The most part of the territory is occupied by a beautiful park zone. In the territory extraordinary beautiful blue spruces, birches and an apple-trees grow, and also a set of various flowers, there is an indoor pool with fresh water, the sauna, secured parking and excursion bureau. The services for our visitors: beach rental, household and sports equipment, taxi order, bars and restaurants. Nearby, there are shops, bus station, local historical museum and cultural center "Ruh- Ordo". We accommodate our guests in building and cottages. Guests of state residence can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the canteen of sanatorium.


Issyk Kul District, 131, Sovetskaya st.
+996(775)999222, +996(3943)42229