Sustainability  policy of Baibol Travel



It is our aim to support sustainability in tourism. Our sustainability policy aims to minimize all negative effects on the natural and social environment. 

Our sustainability policy is divided into 5 themes. Each theme consists of a set of principles and practical actions accordingly. 


  • We encourage workers or tourists who collect garbage during organized tours
  • We do not offer our tourists souvenirs containing endangered species of flora and fauna, as listed in the CITES treaty and the IUCN Red List, or historical and archeological artifacts (except when allowed by law)
  • We try to promote natural souvenirs made by women in Kyrgyzstan (felt toys, shyrdaks etc.)
  • We work only with experienced tourist guides, who are trained and know how to provide first aid and what to do in case of emergency
  • Prefer to work with local tour leaders, local representatives, local guides, porters, drivers, cooks and other local staff.
  • The tours we design and conduct are not harmful to the environment and are not socially and culturally unacceptable.


Excursions with animals:


  • We do not offer any excursions involving captive wild animals, except for properly regulated activities in accordance with local, national and international laws;
  • We are not affiliated with companies that harvest, consume, display, sell or trade in species of wild animals, unless it is part of a regulated activity that ensures that their use is sustainable and complies with local, national and international laws;
  • We think twice when organizing tours with animals
  • We choose experienced suppliers who comply with the norms and laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, and treat their animals with care and responsibility
  • We instruct tourists on how to properly behave with animals in order to avoid any risks; In no case do not let tourists in alcohol and drug intoxication
  • All animals that take part in tours or shows are well fed, live in good conditions, and are treated with care.


Special rules regarding horse tours:


  • We select an experienced supplier and groom
  • Outfit - checking the helmet for tourists
  • We check the load capacity (person - up to 100-110 kg, parterre up to 80 kg)
  • Distance - approximately 16 km per day, operation - 6 hours in mountainous conditions, on a straight road - 8 hours


Special rules regarding shows with birds of prey:


  • We do not use red book birds (falcons)
  • We check the availability of appropriate equipment (the presence of a cap, etc.)
  • We do not remove birds from their usual habitat
  • We observe the appropriate clothing of tourists (no hanging elements in clothing)
  • Drone cannot be used for filming



  • We give preference to vehicles with gas fuel or new cars with less damage to exhaust gases.
  • All vehicles used on the tours are insured and all drivers have patents as required by law in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Before each tour drivers get a checklist. In them we specify what the driver must take with him on the tour, as well as a list of the technical requirements of the car for the safe conduct of the tour



  • We choose accommodation facilities that are locally owned and managed and where locals work;
  • We work with hotels and guest houses that incorporate elements of local art, architecture or cultural heritage; while respecting the intellectual property rights of local communities;
  • We do not work with accommodation providers who hire children under 14 years old.


  • Before tourists arrive, we send them a list of things they need in the tour
  • We follow relevant standards and codes of conduct in marketing and promotional messages and do not promise more than we can do;
  • Tour guides inform tourists before the tour begins if there are any restrictions or unwanted things that are not welcomed by local people
  • After completing each tour, tourists leave feedback on the tour electronically in Google form.
  • We try to recommend and accommodate our guests in guest houses or yurt camps. So, tourists are more familiar with local traditions and fully feel the hospitality of our people.
  • We provide clear, complete and accurate product and pricing information about the company, its products and services, including sustainability statements.




BAIBOL TRAVEL  employees should attempt to conserve and recycle whenever possible through the adoption of simple practices.  Whenever possible, BAIBOL TRAVEL  staff will:  

  • Position recycling bins throughout the office for paper, plastic and other recyclable containers.
  • Recycle office equipment, supplies and other recyclable products.

Water Use

BAIBOL TRAVEL  employees should make every effort to conserve water on a daily basis.  Whenever possible, BAIBOL TRAVEL  employees will:

  •    Promote and provide tap water and avoid the use of bottled water during meetings.  

Paper Use

BAIBOL TRAVEL  employees should attempt to conserve and recycle paper whenever possible through the adoption of simple practices. Whenever possible, BAIBOL TRAVEL  staff will:

  • Make every effort to use the ecobox.
  • Maximize printing and copying options and enable default settings to double-sided printing.
  • Use paper with FSC certificate
  • Edit documents using word processing tools (as opposed to printing).
  • Post electronic meeting agendas and avoid printing hard copies of meeting materials for participants.
  • Conserve paper and cut costs by emailing documents in place of sending them via mail.


Energy Conservation

BAIBOL TRAVEL  will attempt to conserve energy through the adoption of several easy-to-use strategies. 

Whenever possible, BAIBOL TRAVEL  will:

  • Buy energy efficient equipment
  • Enable and set to default the eco-friendly options on all copiers, printers and other electronic equipment.
  • Enable timers for office copiers and printers that will automatically turn off unused equipment/use energy saving modes after long periods of inactivity.
  • Continue to use and properly dispose of compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Arrange for cleaning staff to turn off lights left on after hours.


BAIBOL TRAVEL  employees should make every effort to conserve energy on a daily basis.  Whenever possible, BAIBOL TRAVEL  staff will:

  • Use additional lighting only when necessary.
  • Program their computer monitors to turn off automatically after periods of inactivity. Employees can activate this function by going to StartSettingsControl PanelPerformance and MaintenancePower Options.  Employees should set a time (.e.g. 20 minutes) for the entry ‘turn off monitor.’ 
  • Disable screensavers in an attempt to conserve energy and reduce the amount of wear and tear on their computer