Baibol Ethno Park

This garden, we can say for sure, is a piece of art which has been made by Daniyar Abylaev and his family with a lot of hard work and love. Along the stone path winding among trees the artist arranged his sculptures to make his visitors immerse into calm and thinking. Firstly, you have to walk on the meticulously modeled bridge which looks out to a creek, then you walk the path with fountains when finally you reach the Kyrgyz terraces called topchans. In summer you can try not only lamb or beef shashliks (Central Asian meat on skewers), other delicacies, and traditional food of 80 ethnicities of Kyrgyzstan, but also tash kordo - a dish of the Kyrgyz hunters cooked from the old recipe in a special oven.

In this green oasis – the Baibol Ethno Park – you will discover quiet spaces with various atmospheres: either pristine or comfortable. A small stone house is an ideal place to isolate from the world to plunge into reading. The wooden tables under apple trees are a place to play cards or chess after a charged day of skiing on Baibol tours.

Looking out to the garden there are two brick cottages with a beautiful view of the Echkili Mountain, forest, river, and valley – they all have the same name Talas. 

The unique Kyrgyz service in the Baibol Ethno Garden is at your disposal!