Trekking tours around Kyrgyzstan

Trekking in KyrgyzstanNight sky of KyrgyzstanRainbow in Altyn-ArashanCamping place in Altyn-Arashan with Baibol TravelCamping place in Altyn-ArashanRivers of KyrgyzstanHiking in Altyn-ArashanKyrgyz horsesLamp of nomadsAltyn-ArashanAltyn-ArashanTo the hot springs Altyn-ArashanTo the hot springgs Altyn-ArashanRadial hike to the Ala-Kol lakeAla-Kol passNomad-guideTo the lake Ala-KolKeldike valleyTo the Wild hot springs of Altyn-ArashanTerskey Ala-Too rangeYurts in Altyn-ArashanThe way to Altyn-ArashanLunch timeDemonstration of hunting with golden eaglesInstalling the yurtClimb to the topHorsesMountainsConquering the peaksBeautiful weather in the mountainsHillsFaunaTourists from France with the guide of Baibol TravelConquering the top along with the Baibol transferBalbaly - Stone statuesYurt is the home of the nomads. Preserving centuries-old traditionsLunch in nature together with our touristsTrekking au lacMountain lakeLake Son-KelAgainst the background of the beautiful Son-Kul lake