Kok-boru or ulak-tartysh

National Games
Kok – Boru (grey wolf) or Ulak-tartysh (the struggle for the goat) – a sort of horse football, invented by ancient nomads, which is used instead of a ball, the headless carcass of an animal. The game is popular not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in other countries of Central Asia and in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
The purpose of each team is to throw the carcass of an animal in the opponent's goal. Kok-Boru is considered one of the tough sports horse games that requires dexterity and endurance, and the most importantly great skills of horse riding. You can find the similar games in Europe called horseball, and in the south America is pato. Kok-bor competitions are included in the program of the World Nomadic Games.